Where is my hope?

where is my hope

Today was an unusual day – I met with a head hunter whom I turned down and then he still wanted to get together so I could refer some people I knew for the place he needed to fill.   He proceeded to tell me why I was not suited to the job and made some broad assumptions to that case.  I was sitting across from him enjoying a cup of coffee while trying to listen to what God might be saying through him – because I had already turned down the job.

The topic of where I want to be in five years came up.  I shared the verse God had given to me for this year and that I was committed to living each day understanding that my charted road was designed by God for me. So I was living more day-to-day than worrying about what He wanted from me five years from now.

That was interesting in the sense that it sounded logical – your day-to-day activity prepared you for where you want to go tomorrow.  When I tried to share a bit more of my walk with God, in particular, my devotions for the day, I realized just how much I do not blow my horn and possibly not taking advantage of better positions and better pay for my level of ability.

My response to him at the end of the day was one that was not my devotion and one that was – I found I had to be proud to let him see my boldness and total respect for who I am and what I can do.  However, the part of my devotions which indicated that we should not concern ourselves with matters too great (five years from now) because they are too awesome for us to grasp was something I was familiar with.

I should say that I am calm and quiet as one who is mature and no longer needing to clamour for attention.  I share this because I have no issue taking positions beneath me – I was trusting that God had purpose in that.  Hopefully he heard at the end of the conversation that my hope was in God, now and always.

Our Lord: Our Hope!  

Where Is My Hope

All my hope on God is founded


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