Blessing evil


There you are walking down the road that God has charted for you and lo and behold you discern that someone you are walking with actually is only acting the part of a follower of Jesus.  They say all the right words, know the actions required and come across Christ-like.

The only reason you know they are playing the part is because they actually do not love Jesus and they find every possible means to take down, hinder, stop, and cause those that have a desire to move forward in their relationship with God, to stumble.  It is the type of thing that happens behind the scenes, deceptively, so much so that if you blow the whistle on them, people think you are the one who is the liar and the backstabber.

There is one thing you do not want to hear – you do not want to hear them praised and centred out as amazing followers of Christ with an incredible testimony.  You do not want people to pronounce blessings on such actors.  What are you to do when you feel you have no credible voice?

The OT says some amazing things we can ask God to do to them.  In my younger days, I have used those curses on such people to no avail because God kept telling me to love them – which of course I did not want to do.  Jesus instead said that we need to let the weeds and the wheat grow together and we actually have to wait until the harvest before the evil and the good are separated.

So those who go around blessing evil, let’s look at them as opportunities for discipleship.  Teaching them the Word of God, asking for the gift of discernment and building into their lives the ability not to see with their eyes but to look with their spirit.



God Not Blessing Evil





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