Smooth straight road


This is what I believe and see when I look at my life – because I fear God, so I’m blessed and the road that I walk on that He has charted for me is in fact – a smooth straight road.

Now, if I were to doubt that it would be because I am really good at being in denial.  For those of us coming out of abusive backgrounds, many of us are survivors because of this gift that God gave us during those very difficult days.  However, that all changed for me when He saved me at 14 from committing suicide and when He gave me the power of forgiveness and love when I was 16.  Even though from time to time when I check out what I am doing, whether its denial or faith, I come out with faith and a few moments of denial.

So why do I see a smooth straight road – when there is trouble with my job, trouble with finances, trouble with family or trouble with illness.  How do I explain the smooth straight road to one who has just lost a loved one, one who  lost everything, one who cannot find a job or one who has just been given a few months to live?

It is the same answer I give to those who believe in the prosperity gospel.  Our walk is not one we see with our eyes, our walk is one where our heart leads the way.  This life and what we see is but a moment in eternal time.  It really has no value and no purpose other than bringing God glory through it.  It is a life that has to die before it can be of value.  So I’m with Christ, nevertheless I live.  I live no longer for myself, it is no longer important what I look like and I am not driven to impress God.  Christ lives in me.  As He lived His life walking on a smooth straight road – so do I.  Riches or poverty, sickness or health, children or no children, job or no job – I stand in awe of Him, serve Him knowing that He has prepared a place for me when my journey in this world is over.


Walking on the smooth, straight road

The Purpose of John’s Ministry



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