If God had not been there


Crazy morning this morning – my mind is racing as I am praying – remembering all the very recent events that have come against me with a few odd thoughts of the past that are trying to say I am of no worth and have no value.  All I can do is invite God into that world.  As I write this I am free, anticipating His continued work in my life as I walk this road He has charted for me.

I remember other times like this – they do not happen often – but enough times for me to know that if God had not been there for me, when everyone or everything seemed to go against me, I would have been swallowed alive by their anger.  I would have lost my life.

I bless God because He did not go off and leave me.  He did not abandon me defenseless.  He set me free from their grasp and their traps – their grip’s broken.  God’s name is my help, the very same God who made heaven and earth.



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