Should I wander off

should I wander off

I think God takes a good look at our troubles and helps us.  My daughter shared the difference between grace and mercy with me as we were playing some stick ball the other day.  She said grace was something we did not deserve, but we were given favour anyway and mercy was when we deserved punishment, it was forgiven.

Salvation is only gibberish to those who do not want to understand God.  His mercies run into the billions and when I engage Him and make steps to follow Him – I’m revived.  Decisions made each day not to swerve from the directions He gives me each day.  God’s Words all add up to the sum total – Truth.

Even though my awe at God’s Word keeps me stable, I am also ecstatic like one who strikes it rich when He reveals His Word to me.  It’s like there is no stumbling around in the dark.

Father, when I cry, let it come right into Your presence.  Provide me with the insight that comes only from Your Word. Thank you for giving my request Your personal attention and for rescuing me as You promised.  May praise be always on my lips, after all, I am who I am because of You.  Put Your hand out and steady me – and should I wander off like a lost sheep – seek me!  I’ll recognize the sound of Your voice.


Ben Cantelon – Guardian


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