Steady my steps

steady my steps

This year, more than any other year, I am believing that every word God gives me is a miracle word – how can I help but obey?

I look over the past five months and I’m amazed how my life has changed.  I have fasted a thousand more times than any other year, I have stopped some activities and practices that were leading me away from God’s holiness. I am also trying to let the light of Christ within me shine out – does anyone notice?  Hopefully ordinary people will see the meaning.

Yes, I am walking this road that God has charted for me and my mouth is open and I’m panting – it’s hard work, but I want His instructions more than anything each and every morning.

Lord, turn my way and look kindly on me as you always do to those who personally love You.  Steady my steps with Your Word of promise and acts of faithfulness so nothing malign gets the better of me.  If I fall into the path of people who want to do me harm, rescue me, so I can live Your way.  Smile on me, Your servant, teach me the right way to live.


order my steps

Steady My Steps



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