Deceitful detours

deceitful detours

This is where walking the road God has charted for you and I gets difficult.  Remember the prophet that God asked to go into a town, deliver a message and walk out of that town, without staying or eating from the opposite end that he entered it?  As he is walking out, another prophet calls him back and said that God had given him other instructions and that he should stay with him and eat with him and spend the night.  When that prophet left the next morning, God sent a lion to devour him as he failed to stick to the course God had given him.

The issue is that a lot of people who call themselves followers of Christ, can set us off course just the same.  God is clear enough, yet the voice of others, two-faced or not, can mess with our minds.

This is where quiet retreats, a place where we wait for God to speak to us His Word, where we’re renewed that gives us the strength of presence and mind to only listen to God’s clear-cut revelation. God’s definition of life requires all of me.  Exposing those who are not committed to that same journey and those who seem into casual idolatry is what we want God to help us with because following them is lethal.  If I embrace with God’s love, I believe a lot of this I can see – as long as I shiver in awe before God, His holiness will mark the path clearly and in reverence to His presence I move following His decisions.



Church in Danger



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