Not making detours


I’m fascinated by everything God is revealing to me day by day and it gives me lots to ponder.  I feel I have an edge on those who have not done the same.  God never becomes obsolete.  Whether it is my son who has a grade 12 reading level in grade 6, or whether its discernment I have when I interview people for positions we want to hire, or whether it is a strategic plan to move forward in the next 3 years, God has endowed this family with some smarts.  We simply have become ‘smart’ because we do what God asks us to do.  I have seen us watching our step, avoiding the ditches and staying away from ruts so that we spend time with God’s Word.  That is why detours are not desired, God’s given us great directions.  God’s Word is still not my number one desire in life yet, but with God’s instructions, I understand life, and that is why I am beginning to hate my love for food.

By God’s Word I can see where I am going – it is a beam of light on my path.  I have committed myself and I’ll never turn back from living the way God wants me too.  When things seem like they are falling apart, He puts me all together again through His Word.  So I want to know His holiness.  Yes, there are lots of things around me that can throw me off track, but I’ve made the decision not to swerve.




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