My mom is 88 years old and experiencing the physical health problems that have come as a result of living.  She has been talking about being homesick for some time and prays everyday for God to take her home.  Yet these past 5 years God has not and I am thankful in a selfish way because I know my mom never fails to pray for me.

I can’t say that I am homesick. I can say that I am still longing to experience God’s salvation, His word of hope, the signs of fulfilled promise, His comfort.  I still enjoy moments of crying in His presence and my eyes still burn from time to time as I read His Word.  I am still holding on to Your counsel, Your amazing love still revives me and I move on alertly obeying Your Word.

Father, I am thankful that what You say goes, and what goes, stays, Your truth never goes out of fashion – it’s up to date and is as reliable as the sun coming up and the earth spinning.  When You saved me when I was fourteen, Your revelation saved me.  My delight in You at that moment is what has sustained through every hard time I have gone through.  I’ll never forget what You told me then – You saved me with Your wise words. Thank you.  I might be a little homesick myself.




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