The tune to dance to


It’s true that we all want God’s goodness expressed to us. His promises are amazing.  These days I am adding a desire that God would give to me the gift of wisdom as I commit to living His way.  I am more and more in step with His Word and I want to reflect His goodness no matter where I go.  There is more effort on my part to focus my attention on what God is saying – does not necessarily win friends, but I am dancing to the revelations He is giving me about Himself.  These are just a new set of troubles that will cause me to learn from His Word some more and I am sure the truth I find there will be like striking it rich in a mine.

Lord, with Your very own hands You formed me; breathe Your wisdom over me so I can understand You.  When people see that I am waiting, expecting Your Word, may those that follow You take heart and be glad.  Your decisions are right Lord, Your testing has taught me what’s true and right.  Keep loving me, keep holding me tight and give me Your comfort so that I can really live.  It’s You revealing You to me that is the tune I dance to.  I keep my mind on Your counsel, and may those who follow You see evidence of Your wise guidance in my life – a life that is whole and holy in both soul and body.


One thought on “The tune to dance to

  1. Psalm 30:11-12 is one of Scripture Tunes
    “You turned my wailing into dancing; that my heart may turn to you and not be silent.
    O Lord, I will give you thanks, forever.”

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