On the right track

Digital StillCamera

God’s Word really does matter to me, but I hang on to them more as I find they are life to those I come across each day who have forgotten who He is.  His promises rejuvenate and once they have entered into our heart of faith we do not have to budge from that revelation and we know we are on  the right track.  Sometimes when they reject those promises, it makes me sad to think what might have been.  In order for me to give, I need to meditate on God too – morning, noon and night – treasuring those revelations so that I too can walk through the rain because I live by His Word and counsel.

God, may I do everything You ask of me, may You smile and be gracious to me.  The road that You have charted is before me and I have no intention of dragging my feet. I know Your plan for me, when I wake up in the middle of the night I have opportunity to thanking You.  I trust You and can’t wait for the morning to meet with You.  Train me to live by Your counsel.

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