Stay the course


God still needs to teach me lessons for living, still needs to give me insight so I can do what He tells me to do, in fact, I want me whole life to be one long obedient response.

I need to be guided along this road that He has charted for me; I love this road.  I want to get the gist of God’s words of wisdom and not find myself piling up stuff.  Keep my eyes from looking at material goods and instead feel invigorated as I serve Him.  I need affirmation of God’s promises, promises He gives to those who fear Him.  God is always good, may I hunger after His counsel and I know that my life will be preserved as I walk His way.

Lord, let Your love shape my life, for then I will be able to stand because I trusted Your Word.  Do not take Your truth away from me, and I will depend on what You ask of me. Guard my life and my purpose that You show to me from time to time and I will stride freely as I continue to look for Your truth and wisdom.  Then I can tell the world what I find, speak boldly in public, unembarrassed. I love Your words and relish every moment of counsel You give.


English definition of “stay the course”



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