I will not take my eyes off Your road


God, I want You’re generosity – with that I will live a full life.  Open my eyes so I can see what You want me to see.  I still feel like a stranger at times when I am with You and trying to participate in parts of You I have yet to understand – give me clear directions.  My soul is hungry, insatiable for Your nourishing voice.

Talked to my youth group last night about Psalm 1:1. Couldn’t believe just how much we’re affected by scoffers from within the church.  They seem to think they know so much, ignore everything that is taught, mocking and humiliating others. For those who want to follow God, they’re gossiped about.  I had a lot of work to do to encourage them to stay with wise counsel, to delight in God’s Word and to listen to those who would act like good neighbours.

I count on You Lord to get me on my feet each morning, just as You promised.  When I talk to You, You respond and You share some of Your wisdom with me.  You help me understand things that I see and those things I do not see, especially within myself.  I’m built up by Your Word each morning but still I would rather you barricade any road I am on that is going Nowhere.  Then give me absolutely clarity to stay on the true road to Somewhere.  Help me teach others Your way, may my attitude be one where I grasp and cling to whatever You tell me.  God, I know You will not let me down, I’ll run this course You have laid out for me, just make sure You keep showing me how.




2 thoughts on “I will not take my eyes off Your road

  1. Lovely prayer and what a blessing to know that he answers it for us with every step we take or word we speak so long as we continue to ask him.

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