Staying on course


We’re blessed when we stay on course, walking steadily on this road that God has revealed to us. We’re blessed when we follow His directions, doing out best to find Him – not going off on our own but walking straight on the road He charted for us.

God has prescribed the right way to live and now He expects us to live it.  I pray that my steps will be steady, keeping the course You have set.  As the funeral yesterday of a faithful follower of Jesus, we could all celebrate a life that did not have any regrets when her life’s compared to the counsel of God.

God, thank you for speaking from Your heart, I can learn just from the pattern of Your way. I’m going to do what You tell me to do and I ask they You don’t ever walk off and leave me.

I remember my youth and pray for the youth I lead today.  The answer to my question growing up about how to live a clean life is the same answer I give to my youth today.

God’s Word is a map – read it carefully.  Be focused in your pursuit of God and don’t miss the road signs that He has posted along the way.  Put the promises of God into your heart and memory – the only way sin will not take this life from you.  Ask God to train you in His way of living, and find some place where you can tell others what He is telling you.

You will find yourself in a place where you will enjoy what God is telling you then a pile of gold.  Take time to ponder God, be attentive to how God works, relish the softness of His voice, do not forget a word He speaks.


Stay the course (Staying On Track)

Staying the Course



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