Not for our sake


I can still remember how I felt when I read that when the children of Israel were crossing the desert, their clothing never gave out! Imagine forty years in the desert and your shoes did not wear out.  Then I read that Israel had done nothing to deserve anything from God – God just chose them as His people and because of that He looked after them.  It was not for their sake that He looked after them, it was for His sake that He looked after them.

Today, as I consider what my  journey on this road that God has charted for me, I am not asking for anything, except that through this day, for His name sake, show Your glory.  Do it on account of You being faithful.  Do it so that no one watching me can say, “Where now is his God?”

I know where my God is – He is ruling in heaven, doing whatever He wants to do.  Others have chosen to follow other gods – made from whatever material they have desired to use in their basement shop, their gods have no mouth, no eyes, no ears, no nose, no hands, no throats, no feet – in fact they are just like those that made them and those that made them have become just like the gods they trust.

I have put my trust in God – my Helper, my Ruler!

God, I pray that you remember me and bless me – bless all those who fear You. Enlarge our community of family, give strength to those who follow you and cause us to grow as Your children.  May we all be blessed by You, the one who created heaven and earth.  Remember, dead people cannot praise You, but we can, and today we want to do that – bless you now and bless you always!




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