A man and woman who fear God


Whenever I meet a young couple who are expecting their first child, the conversation comes around to what did you do with your children that ensured their walk with God?

It is a joy for my wife and I to share one very simple truth – we have feared God, we have cherished and relished His commandments.

Our home has always been seen as a home where we live right.  Financially we have never had more than we need, but we are brimming with wealth and a generosity that never runs dry.  Sunrise has always broken through our dark times, God has always extended His grace and mercy and justice.

We practiced generosity and gave lavishly without stumbling or shuffling around.  Over time, in the eyes of our children, we built a sterling and solid and lasting reputation, unfazed by rumour and gossip.  We are heart ready, trusting in God, Spirit firm, unperturbed, ever-blessed, relaxed among enemies, looking out for how we can lavish gifts on the poor – a generosity that never ends.

We have an honoured life, a beautiful life.  When those who have decided not to walk the road that God has charted for them look at us, they rage and say some nasty things as they walk away.  But in the end they are speechless.  There is nothing to the dreams of those who choose not to follow God.  Nothing.


The Fear of the Lord



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