Giving thanks


Talking lately about knowing God’s Will and how we can rest in the knowledge that He will be guiding us in the direction He wants us to go, preparing and charting the road we must take.  In the meantime, throughout the journey there are six actions that God wants us to take part in, that we might effectively follow Him and one of those is creating an attitude of thankfulness.

Thankfulness starts off as so many other character changing things in our lives with praise.  It is an outflow from praise – so we start the day with a Hallelujah and we are off on a great day together with God.

Today, I give thanks to you God with everything I have.  What You do is so great, I can study them a lifetime and still experience endless enjoyment.  I look for splendor and beauty, I look for Your generosity that never runs out.  Your miracles are Your memorial.  You are a God of grace and a God of love. You supply all who fear You with all of their needs.  You keep Your promises, You proved that You could do what You said You would.  You make truth and justice happen and what You do is guaranteed to last. – never out-of-date, never obsolete, rust-proof – all You make and all You do is honest and true.  You paid a ransom for me, You ordered Your Covenant kept forever, You are so personal, holy and worthy of our respect.  My good life begins in the fear of You – when I do that, I begin to know the blessings of God.  May my Hallelujah’s last forever!


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Giving Thanks

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