How we see Jesus

uap bridge

I believe that when most of us close our eyes and start praying, there is an image of Jesus that presents itself when we begin to worship, or ask, or confess or thank.

Personally, I have gone through many kinds of images of who Jesus is in my spiritual journey.  Most of them I picked up from images made through books and movies.

How many of us chose the image of Jesus as King?  Did you see Him sitting at the right hand of God?  Did you see Him holding  a strong scepter, is He ruling?

It matters, I believe when you meet with Jesus during the time of day as well.  The image you have of Jesus changes.  Personally, I start my devotions at the break of day, the time of day where I have most of my strength and energy – I am a morning person by nature.

God character might play a part in how you see Jesus too – His faithfulness is one of those key characteristics.  His promise never to leave or forsake us is part of His faithfulness that we trust.

How do you see Jesus?





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