When passion is absent


Realized that if I am not sold out in following Jesus and walk this road that He has charted for me that my lack of passion can actually derail me.

The call is straightforward and the promises are real.

Look for the Kingdom of God, live right and everything else will fall into place – similar to the way God walked with Solomon.  To be holy as God is holy. To let my light shine so others see Jesus in me and to walk into darkness and let the light of the gospel set the prisoners free.  To grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus. Love God with all my heart, soul and mind and to love my neighbour as my self.  Be cheerful no matter what, pray all the time, thank God no matter what happens.

We might ask ourselves what could happen if we became passionless in our walk. A quick look at what happen to the people of Israel when they lost it.

They intermarried with people who had no wish to follow God.  They worshiped their idols.  They sacrificed their sons and daughters at the altars.  They lived like prostitutes.  The people who hated them eventually ruled them.  Their enemies made life hard for them.  They were tyrannized.  Even when God rescued them from time to time, their sins finally destroyed them.

A great way to get our passion back is to watch God take our hand, pour His mercy on us, and with everyone watching with amazement, save us.  He takes us back and brings us home and we once again thank Him and join with others in giving Him glory.




2 thoughts on “When passion is absent

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What it Is. and commented:
    Our passion can and will experience highs and lows. It seems to be ingrained into our human nature. This is where I believe genuine faith comes in and transcends our passion even during its lowest points in our life. Faith gives us the strength to continue marching forward regardless of how we feel. Nice post!

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