It seems that the Bible is full of stories of people who saw and even experienced mighty acts of God, but it wasn’t long before they forgot the whole thing.  It wasn’t long before they couldn’t wait for God anymore.  They only cared about themselves.

Even though He gives us what we ask for, I think with a spirit of forgetfulness, we receive it along with an empty heart.

In one way I am glad we are living in an age of grace.  Remember when there was this Dathan character who grew jealous of Moses and Aaron – he forgot they were holy priests of God.  The ground opened up and swallowed him and Abiram’s gang.  Fire flared against the rebel crew and torched them to a cinder.

Are we not like those who made a cast in metal of a bull at Horeb?  Do we not worship statues that we have made with our own hands.  Imagine forgetting God long enough to trade His Glory for a cheap piece of stuff – not just forgetting God, but our very own Saviour.

How do we manage that?  Forget the one who created a world of wonders and who gives stunning performances in our lives?

I think of Job who prayed for his family every day – I think he saw them forget about God.  I think Moses stood in the gap so many times preventing an entire people from destruction.  Even my youth group can exasperate me – rejecting God’s promises, not believing a word of it, turning a deaf ear to God’s voice.  What is worse is seeing them link up with the gods of this world.
I think some of our outspoken preachers like Paul Washer and David Platt might look at themselves as the current Phinehas of our time.     May we not forget to pray for those who are leading us in our spiritual walk, they sometimes get a bitter for helping us not be forgetful again and again.


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