Spiritual wasteland


What if God did call down a famine and broke every blade of wheat – He would also have sent someone ahead to make sure there was a solution.

Remember Joseph’s story – sold as a slave, put into prison, finally summoned by Pharaoh in order for God at that moment to confirm His promise. The family of Jacob stayed, had an alarming amount of babies and soon became feared enough that they became slaves, no longer guests. Another spiritual wasteland for God to work in.

Enter Aaron and Moses – God spoke and there was real Darkness, water turned to blood, frogs all over the land, flies and gnats filled the air, hail came down instead of rain, lightening wasted vines and fig trees, and locusts consumed everything else.

Through our spiritual wastelands, look for the people God has already prepared to walk with us.


Victors In Our World’s Spiritual Wasteland



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