Being in contact with so many people of so many faiths I truly am grateful for my personal relationship with God and how I can thank Him and pray to Him by name!

When I can tell personal stories including His name or invite them to a gathering where they hear His name as we sing Him songs and belt out hymns – translating His wonders into music.  Nowadays there are more pauses between chorus and verse as there seems a need for more guitar rifts or drum solos – so those give me a few more moments where I can honour His name with a few Hallelujah’s.

For those of us who have chosen to seek God, we live a happy life!  I try to look throughout the day for God, watching what kind of work He is up to, alert for His presence.  He has done so much for others who have chronicled what they saw Him do – I hope I catch as much as they did.

God is our God, in charge of the earth.  He remembers His Covenant, He’s been as good as His word.  When we did not count for much He made sure to look after us.

I am sure more harm could have come to me and my brothers and sisters, but God made sure to tell everyone to keep their hands off – and I am sure He called us His anointed.


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