Your Spirit

Your Spirit

Just a few days ago I was talking to someone in a rather closed Brethren church about mission. Their church is located in a community I was targeting to start conversation and action towards mission.  The conversation went very well and our hearts were as one when it came to the call of God to be missionary.  At some point, since I knew everything about their church, they asked me my church background.  Being Pentecostal does not score any points anywhere in the world, and many times I will share my Presbyterian connection with SIM.  That day, I felt that it was important to say I attend a Pentecostal church on Sunday.  The response was priceless – “there are so many brands of Brethren and so many brands of Pentecostals, I am glad we could talk about mission first so that we both know we are brother and sister in Christ.”  The conversation continued, they asked to put themselves on the mailing list for the Pastor’s Forum which I was trying to put together, and we ended with the honour and privilege of giving testimony to the power of God as He brings people to an understanding of who He is.

It is great to see God’s beauty in creation, it is an incredible source of comfort to me that He clothed the flowers of the field and provides food for all the living creatures on earth.  I know full well that if the earth were to tilt just a small fraction from how it is currently tilting, the earth would be destroyed.  If God were to take back His Spirit from me and you, we would die, revert back to original mud.  When He gives us His Spirit, we spring to life and everything around us blooms and blossoms.

It is His glory that He shares in us, He wants to enjoy the masterpiece of His creation and He shares Himself, abides in us and our song, designed and written with His signature comes from deep within and we worship Him.  Together with others filled with the Spirit of God, filled with life, we sing.  I am so pleased to be singing to God.  O my soul, bless God!




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