While we go about our work

while we go about our work

Creation is all around us, breathing and living because of the hand of God.

Sometimes it is necessary for me to get lost in the woods.  I have a special place that gives me a variety of settings.  It has meadows so I can see God dressing everything in sunshine and I can see the heavens stretched out like a tent.  There are deep ponds and the clouds dance above casting shadows on the water.  The wind can almost be felt as the messenger of God, wanting to tell me to look around and see Him everywhere.  The earth, rock solid beneath my feet, a reminder that nothing can shake it, ever. Even light rain, with some thunder makes for a great walk.

Very special occasions when work takes me to Alberta, I make sure to spend some time in the Rocky Mountains so that means I plan a trip that will take me between Calgary and Edmonton.  I can still remember my first trip 30 years ago –  I believed I could have cried but was in so much awe, I had to remember to breathe.  Mountains pushed up, valley spread out, rivers rushing, lakes of all kinds of coloured hues all working together, assigned to their duties as part of God’s handiwork.  The animals taking a drink along the water’s edge, wild animals enjoying the salt at the edge of the highway during early spring.  All kinds of eagles and hawks that we do not see in Ontario and even the different kind of jays though they are just as noisy.  Everyone’s satisfied, everyone’s taken care of.

We are not looking even close and yet God’s work never ceases.  He producing crops from seed that is dead, He is filling fruit with juices that make people happy – He likes it when our faces are glowing with health, well-fed.  He has to water the trees, has to make sure they come out just right for the birds to build their nests, and Mountain goats need cliffs to climb, badgers need burrows among the rocks, the moon keeps track of the seasons and the sun is in charge of the day.  When darkness does come, the forest creatures come out with the animal hunters calling out to God to feed them.  When the sun comes back up they vanish and rest.

All this happening while you and I are a busy doing our job.  There was a time I was thinking of being a Forest Ranger, today a little something suggests that would have been a good idea.




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