On the straight and narrow


I made it through four months of the year without talking about the road God has charted for me as ‘straight and narrow‘.  Not that it is bad, just too much cliché.

So now that I have brought it up — what is my theme song, what tunes am I listening to that urge me to sing right to God and help me find my way down this road of right living?

I really enjoy the song, In Christ Alone.  It’s declaring that I am doing the best I can and I’m doing it at home where it counts and on my journey where I refuse to take a second look at the temptation surrounding me of replacing God with any other god the world would rather I follow.  When I speak His name it helps me stay clear of contamination, if you will, and that light within me will other warn those who have rejected God to stay clear of me and those who are looking for God to find me.  It has challenges me to put a gag on gossip, or to bad-mouth others and not accept any kind of arrogance in my person.

It is important to look out for salt-of-the-earth people. They are the ones I want to walk with.


The Straight and Narrow

Trying Hard To Stay On the Straight and Narrow Path




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