Get on your feet

sunrise (2)

It is so true, sometimes we just have to get on our feet, yell and shout, get into the spirit of the moment and we have a good time.

We do it at ball games, it happens with our kids sports games, happens when we play backyard games with the family — everything looks corny until we get into the moment, participate.

So our day might begin with an applause to God, laughing at ourselves for participating with passion when we really do not feel all that passionate and yet we awed that He shows up and His presence is right there so early in the morning.

God is God and God, God made us, we didn’t make Him.  We are His, His sheep.

Let’s enter the day with a ‘thank you’ and make ourselves talk praise talk while we are getting ready for that day.  Worship Him.

God is so majestic, so generous with His love, faithful always.




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