God is not soft on our sins


God does rule, He is God.  My immediate reaction – that I am watching, ready, ready to serve, to follow, and to obey – taking notice of the task required of me today.

My praise is not because He rules, but because He is holy.  In fact His beauty is both great and terrible – He is majestic.

The foundations of justice and righteousness set a long time ago and so we honour God, our God by worshipping His rule.  He is Holy.

When I think that such amazing names like Moses and Aaron and my favourite, Samuel taken to task because of their sin, how can I think so small when I sin.  They prayed to God and God answered their prayers – they were friends of God.  They heard the direct voice of God and they did what He said and they kept sure to obey the law.  He answered them, but if you can remember, He was never soft on their sins.

The only way I am going to keep on this road that I am journeying on and to keep honouring God in my walk, is to lift God up in my life, let Him be my God, worship HIm and declare Him Holy – Holy is God, my God and I’m called to holiness too.

Soft on Sin?

Am I being “soft on sin”?



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