God plants light in His followers



God plants light in His followers

I was looking at ‘light’ in the OT comparing it to ‘light’ in the NT and noticed they are, on the most part, very different.  However, Isaiah, in the Servant of the Lord part, combines both and so that light is both an attraction and dispels of darkness.

Therefore, as we walk the road God has charted for us, His light within us will do two things.  One it will attract people to us.  Those that come to us because they see God in us, we need to proclaim the gospel to them.  Secondly, God puts His light in us so we can go to a group that has never heard the gospel and proclaim it to them – bringing light into darkness.  So some come to us and we go to some.

There is so much going for us in proclaiming the gospel message.  God’s work in creation – the world screams of His wonder, His salvation plan established from before the world’s creation and the wonder of this world reflects His abilities.  His love revealed to us, an indefatigable love, and the world finds itself at attention to God’s work of salvation.

When Handel went into his room and said he would not come out until God had given him a piece of music to proclaim who He was – one week later he came out with one of the most significant pieces of music the world has ever heard and contained the Hallelujah Chorus which still to this day send shivers down my spine.

A tribute to God and a promise of His faithfulness that He will straighten this world out and set it all right.  In the meantime we do not hide our light, we let it shine, for we are followers of Jesus.  As God sent Him into the world, Jesus sends us.


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