Refusing to walk down His road?

refusing to walk down His road

The decision is ours, but here is what is missing when we do not want God to chart our road for us.

  • The road has already been charted since before you were born, so you are purposely made and gifted for this road.  Any other road will be just hit and miss and you most likely are not fulfilled
  • You cannot be the one shouting God praise or raising the roof because He saved you.  His presence is just not real from Sunday to Sunday
  • God is good, but not the best – there are more exciting things in life – not!
  • You will miss the truth that God owns everything, absolutely everything
  • You will one day bow to His way, your choice when
  • Being shepherded and fed you purposefully reject
  • You will be so busy surviving that you will miss His voice when He speaks
  • By chance, if you do hear Him calling you, you will turn a deaf ear
  • You will watch God work, but not personally experience it
  • You will be trying God’s patience
  • Might not even be able to keep your mind on God for even 5 minutes

Most importantly, you probably will not get to where you’re headed, might never be able to sit down and rest.





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