A beautiful thing

a beautiful thing


It is a beautiful thing to do – to stop and give thanks and to break out in praise to God and announce His love in our life at each daybreak and remember His faithful presence throughout the night.

Happiness is God.  I see His work and I am joyful – His works are magnificent and profound when we think of how strategic He really works and how simple He puts everything together.  If you are not paying attention you probably will miss Him and if you are not looking for Him at all, well you definitely will miss Him.

Even today I was wondering if I came on too strong with the guys I was with – charging with maybe too much strength, but I did feel honoured that the Lord was in me – enthused – filled with God.

The promise in a few scripture references state that people who follow God will prosper like trees, most reference the tall Lebanon cedars and transplanted to God’s courtyard.  We continue to grow in God’s presence and become such a witness to who God is.

What You say goes – it always has Lord.  Beauty and Holy mark the way You rule until we come face to face at the end of time.




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