Angels guarding you

When_every_angels_guarding_you_by_sarah_bo_peep (1)

Not sure about you, but angels work overtime when it comes to guarding me.

I think that we take God’s world and His home for granted sometimes.  We forget that long before the earth itself was born, God was God.

He has all the time in the world, whether a thousand years or a day, it’s all the same to Him.  He kept track of every sin, every misdeed and entered them all in a book – until we reach the normal span of our lives – and He was sad about that.  Jesus came to show us the way and then God wipes out our sins.  The Holy Spirit then came and taught us to live wisely and well.

He surprises us with love at daybreak, and treats us with kindness.  We ask for His love to rest on us during the day, confirming the work we have to do and affirming the work that we do.

For those of us who have sat down in God’s presence and spent the night in His shadow, we know that God is our refuge, we trust Him and are safe.  He has rescued us even from the hidden traps, shields us from hazards that we might come upon during our journey on this road He has charted for us.  His arms protect us, they fend off harm and under them we are perfectly safe.

We do not fear those that prowl the evening or the curses that attack during the day.  Disease will come and erupt our lives and even though others have fallen to fear and seem losing their faith left and right of us, we will not fear and fear will not harm us.  It will be like we are watching from a distance because we are so secure in God.

I have invited God into my space, with Him filling my home, evil can’t get close and harm cannot come in.  His angels do guard over me wherever I go and if I should stumble, they will catch me.  They will help keep me from falling and even though I am afraid of the Canada geese that end up on my path and hiss at me as I approach, I somehow know that even if I walk by lions and snakes, I will walk unharmed.

God reminds me to hang on to Him for dear life and He will get me out of trouble, give me the best care.  He calls me to get to know and trust Him by calling on Him.  He promises to answer and be at my side in all the bad times and He will rescue me.  I look forward to a long life but I look forward even more to a time of eternity with Him.


Angels to Guard You

Angels to Guard You

Your Guardian Angel



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