Is He really always faithful?

Is He really always faithful

Even as I was writing my Easter thoughts on God’s awesome faithfulness, I knew that we either doubted this or we actually are struggling with this when we see Christians persecuted, dying and others who seem to have come to a place where they actually believe there is no God.

Today, I am thinking about how Job would feel if he read my post.

God, did You walk off and leave me, did you lose Your temper on me, did You tear up Your promise specifically with me?

Is my name stomped in the mud, did You really blast my home to kingdom come reducing my family to a pile of rubble?

Did You really allow wayfaring strangers to come by and scavenge the leftovers, am I really a joke to my neighbours and my friends?

Are You so angry at me that You oppose me, refusing to fight at my side, robbing me of my splendour, humiliating me?

Are You really going to take the best years of my life, leaving me an impotent, ruined husk, how long do I put up with this, God?

Are You gone for good, will You hold this grudge forever, remember my sorrow and how short life is?

I will see death soon enough, there’s no back door out of hell, so where is the love You are so famous for, Lord?

What happened to Your promise?

Then out of that darkness, the Spirit of God within Job speaks truth — I can hear it as I write it —

Blessed be God forever and always!  Yes. Oh, yes.



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