Faithful to what He promised


God chose us.  He found in us a servant.  He anointed us with His call and He promised us that He would keep His hand steadily on us.  He committed to stick with us through thick and thin.  No one would get the best of us.  He would give us discernment.

God’s desire is for our good and He will love us forever.  He sets us up high and sets us apart and preserved in His love.  He is faithful to His promises.

He will never throw us out, even in rebellion, but we will have to face the music.  He will never abandon or disown us because He will not withdraw His promise.  He is holy, He does not take back His word, He does not lie, we are His for good, His sovereignty is as the sun, dependable as the phases of the moon, inescapable as weather.


God is Always Faithful to His Promises

He Who Promised is Faithful

He Who Promised is Faithful

God is FAITHFUL to keep His PROMISES



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