Spending the night on my knees


I know the secret of the Christian life is following Jesus and He was a man who prayed all night, or early in the morning or stayed up well into the night spending time with His Father.  It is where the Holy Spirit is drawing me to and has for some time.  Intercessory prayer is for the strong and not for the weak.

Most of the time we still look to God as our last chance of the day giving Him our list of troubles and calling on Him to respond.  Doubts creep in when we leave everything to Him at the last-minute.

At least we are standing our ground when we call for help and we do not lose hope or fall away.  These are times when we actually might see daybreak from our knees being in prayer.  For these are the nights that we feel the only friend we have left is Darkness.


Give Me You



2 thoughts on “Spending the night on my knees

  1. I have never tried praying all night, although there have been times of distress that I hardly slept and prayed each waking moment. I can imagine that it is an experience that helps in many ways. Since He is alive we must spend time with him. Have you ever read the book by Phillip Yancey called “Reaching for the Invisible God”? It has really made me think.

    • No, I have yet to read one of his books but i can tell you countless lives of people who have and who have been transformed because of his ability to share God’s word effectively. i will add this one to my list along with a dancing one and one on the Psalms

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