Walking straight


The whole idea of walking straight or Right Living does not come naturally to most of us.  Most of us need to yield ourselves to God so that as He is living in us, He can train us.  Then it is true that we can follow the right path, the road He has charted for us. He puts us together with one heart and one mind, undivided, not wavering and not double-minded.

Our worship is in joyful awe. From the bottom of our heart we can thank our Lord. Our worship is proclamation of what God is up to and it also is a testimony to His faithfulness in our lives – what love He gives!

If there is impending danger, He snatches me away – God, you are both tender and kind, not easily angered, immense in love, and you never, never quit.

Give us the strength Lord to keep going, save us every day, make a show of your love for us and let the world watch us with mouths expressing complete awe as you Lord, gently and powerfully establish us and keep us on our feet.




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