Right Living clears a path

Right Lliving clears a path

Salvation is great, a moment where God smiled on us, set us free from sin and lifted the cloud of guilt.  It was the removal of our sin far out of sight and the staying of God’s righteous anger over that sin.

That was just the beginning of our journey.  We ask God for help every single day, asking His forgiveness for the sins that somehow find their way in our lives and wondering sometimes if He holds any of them against us.  But when we come each day to Him, we experience living a resurrected life, a fresh start.  It is one thing to know God loves us, quite another when He shows us His love each morning.  We ask for salvation, we need salvation every day.

Then we hear His whisper and can’t wait to hear what He’ll say.  He is about to pronounce us well, a holy people, one He loves so much.  May we never again live like fools.

On our journey we connect love and truth, right living and whole living becomes part of who we are and revelations of truth sprout in our lives.  Right living is as refreshing as light rain and we see the goodness and beauty of God and experience His bounty and blessing.  Right living in fact is God living in us.



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