God walks the road living in us

Nugget Point

Lately I am finding myself in conversation about the goings on in heaven and what that might look like.

There is a longing inside to see what living in heaven would be like – my dream room, dream house – but the reality is I can sing for joy to God anytime I want.

Then too, I have talked to a lot of people lately who talk about heaven and the birds and the animals – specifically dogs – that will be there – many think that they will be part of heaven.

I think I need to remind us all, that our walk with God is not an external relationship – even though I have talked about that for some time – for God actually lives in us through the Holy Spirit.  That means He is walking in us on the road that He has charted for us and He knows the way.

Lonesome valleys, brooks, pools of water, mountain walks – it does not matter – at the last turn we will find ourselves with God, in God’s place.  As the writer in Hebrew said, that place is something special for the very thought of the joy of that place enable Jesus to endure the cross.

I think I am getting used to meeting with God each morning to the point that my office staff recognized a huge difference in me on two separate days where I failed to do so.  I am thankful that He fills me each day to begin each walk and walking in His gracious anointing matters.

As I get older, I know that one day spent in God’s house beats a thousand days spent on Greek island beaches, an honoured guest of His and not a palace of sin.

God is not frugal with His traveling companions, He gives us everything to stay on that road, continue on the journey, to have Him in us as we walk together.


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