Following God’s Map

Night 2

I was part of an event that SIM (Serving in Mission) was hosting last night and part way through the evening we stood up to sing one song together.  It was ‘Great is Thy Faithfulness’.  I was a bit concerned that there would be many who would not know the words – if that were so, it sure didn’t sound like it.  There was a chorus of praise that I have not heard in a long time – they sang with all their might, all their soul, all their mind and all of their strength.  They sang to their God who has always been faithful.  Reminds me of the special days that Israel kept where they too worshiped a faithful God, a special day when they remembered what God had done in Egypt.

Special moments for me that I want to remember come when I hear His gentle whisper.  Words that express His desire to take the world off my shoulders, free me from my hard labour.  Times when I have been in pain and right there and then, He calls my name, takes me out of the bad place I am in, proves His love and shows His faithfulness.

It is why I am so intense when it comes to my faith and my own following of God.  It is a walk I do not take lightly.  It is an observation and awareness that I am not allowing another god to move into my heart.

My desire is to follow God’s map for my life.  I know that He will be faithful.





2 thoughts on “Following God’s Map

  1. Stay on God’s path…He’ll mark it out very clearly if you look very intently! Thank you for the visit; return anytime! Steve Pejay

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