Take my hand


So many times I think about God grabbing my hand as I walk this road He has charted for me that I think that I have forgotten just how many times I have asked Him to take my hand.

It is a simple thing not to do – mostly we want to walk on our own, do it our way but there are many, many times when we have to reach up and say, ‘God, I need a hand now and Yours is the only one that will do’.

That is something very special for God to experience – His creation reaching out and calling His name.

I know that because when His hand hits mine its like everything is clear, the path ahead is ablaze in light and I can see my way clearly.  He smiles His ‘blessing smile’ and saved I am.

Sometimes that does not happen automatically, sometimes we have to wait, cry and at times collect a bucket of tears and ridicule, but God always grabs our hand.

Look at our journey, from childhood to adulthood and the constant is that He is always available, always faithful.  That is enough to scream out that we too will be faithful and all we need is a good shot of God’s breath of His Holy Spirit into our lungs to shout that out!


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