He guides wisely and well


The only people who know this is true of God are those who’ve been guided, stay guided, and continue to want His guidance no matter how emotional or physically exhausting their walk with God looks like.  Their decision to keep following God because early in their walk, when there was a hiccup in how they saw things or their expectations not met – they stayed the course.  Lo and behold they experienced a God moment, a swooping in of the Holy Spirit that enabled, strengthened, miraculous set up a testimony of His greatness and the journey was good to go once again, this time with an understanding that God does not stand still, He is not silent, He will move when its time to move.

Why does God scream through Isaiah and the Psalms – ‘wait, wait  I say on the Lord’ – because waiting is yielding, yielding is willing. Once you wait and once you see God hitting your enemies hard, You know it was all worth it.

Those that decided not to wait, those who decided to rebel against God and give Him a hard time – well their story just might end there.  God has a way of taking His call and blessing and moving it to another.  He did it with Joseph and Ephraim and chose Judah instead.  He mentioned that He disqualified Joseph as a leader and decided that Ephraim did not have what it takes.

When He decided that King Saul was no longer His, He chose David, handpicked from his work in the sheep pens.  One day he was caring for the ewes and their lambs, the next day God had him shepherding the people of Israel.  It was David’s good heart that made him a good shepherd.




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