Giving God a hard time


I have hinted at this a few times but think its time to bring it up as its own discussion. You and I have met them along our faith journey and if you have not, then you have not really been looking – those who have paused long enough and are now in full rebellion mode against God. The rebellion could look like a lot of things – sexual freedoms, new gods – too many things to mention here.  So God actually moves a distance away, being the gentleman that He is and gives them the space they are asking for.  Here is what happens – where God filled their life, it is now empty.  There is no sacred spot where the two could meet and talk things out and where God always showed up – things worked on all these years lay wasted.  On the battle field of life, they walked alone and they can actually feel alone fending for themselves.  Most never made it through those battlefields and those who were waiting for them to return to the Lord, waited in vain.  It’s not the end of the story, but I can’t believe that people would want this as the middle part of their story.


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