Being led like sheep

Being led like sheep

When the Bible says that today is the day of salvation and then we turn away and say no thanks, how many times does God continue to make that offer, shunned, before He stops making the offer?

Based on how He worked with His people in the OT, that will never happen.  However, we may very well find ourselves shutting down the Holy Spirit with how we end up rejecting His call to come.  If we are self-aware at all, we have to see that our lives without God is empty and we have nothing to show.  How empty we must feel if we run into trouble and then call upon God to save us and yet our hearts know full well we are just using Him for the moment.  The intent is salvation for just that moment, once that happens, then off we go again doing our thing and wanting nothing to do with any Covenant.

We talk a lot about the wrath of God – God keeps talking about reining in His anger and restraining His wrath.  He knows what we’ve pushed Him to the edge so many times.  Our forgetfulness of His faithfulness is a habit so it seems.  Just imagine being there in the land of Goshen, protected from all the plagues that hit Egypt?  What a story to remember, to keep talking about.  Then at the end of it all, for that day, they quite willing, led through the wilderness like sheep.

Led like sheep today? Yes, I could use some rest from all my self-proposed leadership,


Sheep are Easily Led


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