Walk by His Word


This walk on this road that God has charted requires a bit more skill than one might first consider.  There is listening to God’s truth, there is following in understanding of that truth and there is more than a few moments where we meditate on it.  They become part of who we are and we enter into the same story-telling genre of our parents – we now add to the stories we heard from our own fathers, and the counsel we learned from our mothers.  We do not keep these to ourselves, we pass them along to the next generation – the marvelous things God has done.

So our walk needs time with the next generation.  If He planted a seed into my grandparents and then started something special in my parents and they followed God’s command to teach us – we are now part of telling our children these same stories of truth so that they may trust in God, never forgetting the work of God, keeping His commands to the letter.  I pray that they walk even closer to Jesus than my wife and I do.

Yes, they will meet those who walked with God and now no longer do.  They were cowards to the task required to walk by God’s Word – they forgot what He has done.  No different that what the Israelites experienced when they were walking through the desert.  They saw miracles in plain sight.  They saw God split the Red Sea and they walked right through it with the walls of water on either side.  They saw God personally lead them by a cloud during the day and a fiery torch by night.  He split rocks in the wilderness so they could have water from underground springs, water that poured out like a river.

How did they respond – no different from our friends who have stopped walking with God – they sinned more, rebelling against God.  Rebellion is the same as it has been since the beginning of time – I want my way with God, my own favours, my own special attention.  Like spoiled children they were never satisfied.  The water was not enough, they needed bread and meat too.

I think its pretty clear that they actually did not even believe God and they had no intention of trusting Him for help  What I love most about this story is that God helped them anyway.  The heavens opened up and He rained down showers of manna to eat and we sing the chorus today – Bread of Heaven in our church services.  They ate the bread of angels.  Then He pushed birds right into the camp – they ate and had their fill – God handed them everything they craved on a platter.  But still they were greedy, still they took more than they needed – that one last step had consequences and many died as a result.

Let’s walk and tell another story today that we have learned from His Word.  The practice of walking and telling will become part of our next generations heritage to pass along to theirs.


When we walk with the Lord in the light of his Word



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