You lead


I use to yell and pray out in a very loud voice.  Then some of my friends discovered the softness in the Anglican and Catholic traditions and it was such a peaceful approach that I put my yelling aside.  Still, from time to time, yelling seems a good thing to do in prayer and even if I find myself yelling at God at the top of my lungs, He listens.

When I find myself in trouble, I usually start looking for where God is in my life.  Most of the time it is because the trouble does not find an avenue for leaving.  People say everything will turn out all right, but sometimes time is not the issue, it’s the trouble.

When I think about how a get into trouble, I remember God.  I shake my head, usually in some manner of tone and pitch, depending on where I am, declare that God should have mercy on my soul.  I sleep well, but rise early.  Most of the time I just live with the fact that I can’t even say what’s bothering me.  I find myself getting older and I look over the days gone by, never mind just the years that have gone by.  I wonder if my life will ever get together sometimes or even what that really means.

But I also remember what God has done, and if I can’t connect there, I consider His wonders of creation, they seem to get me back on track.  With a clearer perspective I can then ponder everything He has accomplished in my life, and give some time to take a long, loving look at what He has done for me.

God, Your way is holy, You lead.  There is no god as great like God. You are the God that makes things happen, You have shown everyone what you can do – You have rescued so many out of the worst kind of trouble.

Thank you for the buckets of rain today, the thunder and lightning, the incredible strong winds – simple signs of Your wonder and Your coming and going that no one seems to notice.

Just as you were hidden in the hands of Moses and Aaron, You lead those who follow You.


Jamie Grace – You Lead 

Where You Lead Me



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