Posting signs in my life

Posting signs in my life

I’ll never live to regret allowing God to chart the road that I take.  His specialty is getting me out of the messes in my life and putting me back on my feet again.  He gives me space for salvation as if He was a guest room where I could retreat.  His door is always open and yet in the warmth of all that, He is still my vast, granite fortress too.

He keeps me going when times are tough.  He has been my bedrock since I was twelve and I have hung on to Him from then.  I will probably never run out of praise.  I am different from others in how I express myself, others find that a bit on the weird side but God takes me in stride.

Each day brims with His beauty and each day my mouth brims with praise.

He walks with me, or runs right by my side.  My hands reach out to Him.  It becomes praise upon praise as I could write a book of how He has put a testimony of praise as sign posts in my life that mark His right-of-way.  I have yielded to Him and other can see Him in me as a result.  I will never run out of testimonies to share for all of this, I come to my walk with Him in the power of His name.

I was but an ignorant youth when God found me and now He has taught me everything I know.  Here I am, now telling the world His wonders.  I sense that I will be doing this well past the age of retirement.  I can only pray that He will allow me to do my purpose.  People are unaware of His strong right arm in this world and they have absolutely no idea of His power in the world to come.

God, you have done it all.  Who is like you?  You, who have enabled me to stare trouble in the face, turned me around, and let me look in Your face.  You are tender towards me and I thank you.




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