Day after day we are carried

day after day we are carried

I know that it is easier said than actually lived out – so I have to ask myself what does my life look like if I actually believe that God is carrying me, day by day?

The answer surprises me because I realized that I am still very much in charge of my life and only at very certain times do I allow God to carry me.  I believe that how I express my worship to God defines very much the allowance I give Him to carry me.

So today I will come up with these expressions of worship —

God, you are my Saviour. You are my God.  You are for me, You are the God that saves me.

You know all things and understand the ins and outs of life and death. You are in control of the evil one.

May my life walk be a parade of Your character. May I find myself in Your sanctuary.  May I be part of Your choir today that blesses You, may that be like a fountain of praise.  You made me what I am and what I will become.  May I lead by example when I come to You with my hands outstretched.

Let me sing to You Lord! May I listen to you Lord! May I call out to you Lord!

You are splendor and strength. You are beautiful. You give me power and strength as a follower of You.  May I always be found blessing You.



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