Seeing God in action

Spring Shine

Last night we were celebrating seeing God in action – our SIM missionaries who had come home for rest.

One man who came was from a European background and who had come out of the Catholic tradition.  Since my wife is also from a European background and from a Catholic tradition, we struck up conversation about whether our grandparents really understood who Jesus was and were they in heaven – celebrating.

I shared stories of my grandmother coming out of the Lutheran tradition and how she may never have made a claim as a follower of Jesus, however, she had stories to tell of seeing God in action.  If action determines the depth of a person’s faith in God, she had a lifetime of examples.  Having raised a family during the time of Hitler, she knew that being Jesus to the small community they lived in was the only lifestyle she wanted.

My wife and I also talk about her dad and the stories he would tell of how he survived the war.  He enlisted at 18 and captured in Greece.  Story after story he shared – blessed and looked after by God and how nothing mattered in life except Jesus.  Many times he would say something and say Jesus is number one.

I watched at the same time how my mother-in-law responds to him when he passionately praises God – and because I see the disdain in her eyes towards him, I know that he walks with God and his praise is genuine.  For it is the righteous that look at God and it causes them to sing praises.

God is a Father of orphans, champion of widows, He makes homes for the homeless and leads prisoners to freedom.  Seldom does He do this quietly.  When He moves everyone can see where He is going and they can hear Him too.

As the Lord gives the word, may thousands call out the good news.


God in Action: A Thread of Hope for God’s Mission


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