Walk of Prayer


I am one of those followers of Jesus who believe that silence is praise.  I believe that obedience is praise.  I believe that praise is prayer.  That in all these, God hears the prayer in it all.

As I journey, prayer is my constant companion.  That does not come naturally, it is something that we learn.  We arrive at this doorstep sooner or later.

There is just so much guilt we can carry in a day.  Sooner or later our sins will be too much for us and we come asking for a cleansing.  That drawing near to God as His chosen we sense His blessing as a guest in His place.  We expect to come away filled with good things from the fullness of His blessings stored for us.  We are part of the salvation wonders displayed – testimonies to His faithfulness.

Creation is all around us, reminding us that God is the one who is really in control.  The earth, the ocean, the mountains, the hills, the storms, nature’s noise, along with dawn and dusk all take turns calling us to come and worship.

Spring showers, rivers of living water, golden wheat fields, plowed fields, rainfall, blossoms and fruit, snow-crowned peaks, scattered rose pedals, wild meadows, canyon walls, mountain sheep, flax fields and valleys all call us to shout, and shout and shout and sing.



Prayer as a Way of Walking in Love


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