Making praise a habit

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My very first experience into this realm of my walk with God came as a teenager.  Way back then a book called, Prison to Praise, sparked a praise revolution.  A series of other books came out and finally it all ended when the author ran off with his assistant, leaving his wife and family.

As with so many truths, taken out of context there is too much missing.  Yet, I did not throw away the basic element of truth – that praise is a choice.

It is so much easier to complain, grumble, be sarcastic, ridicule, deny, worry, and gossip – all actions that somehow make us feel better – than it is to turn our attention to Jesus and lay everything down at the foot of the cross and give it all to Him.  All the glory, praise, honour, awe, blessing, thanks, devotion, and love due to Him in no matter what circumstances we find ourselves.

Yesterday, someone shared that they overcame being sarcastic.  I asked her how she did that.  She said I would begin to thank God for that person instead.  Then I would begin to praise God for His working and His power in that person’s life and then I would just end up praising God for being God.  She broke the power of sarcasm in her life.

For me, my dad was my number one target.  If he only knew the things I talked about him behind his back – quite embarrassing.  Then one day I looked back on the people I had talked to and realized that I had not added a single element of God’s character into their lives.  I was not adding value.  So I stopped.  I stopped by sharing how thankful I was that God was working in my dad.  If there was even a little story to tell of His hand in my dad’s life, I shared it.  The spirit of praise set me free from my anger and hatred of my dad and eventually when it came time for God to completely heal me, I was ready.

Let’s make God work the talk of our lives.


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