Show me the road



How do I explain to someone else my walk with God?  How do I show them the road that God has charted for me and still make it relevant for them?  How do I even get to the point where they see there is a road?

Faith is an incredible part of my journey with God.  Rarely do I meet someone who wants to walk by faith.

Many people today use reason, many are comfortable only using portions of scripture that fit their faith journey and many start the journey looking to see what is in it for them.  So how do I show them the road?

Lately, I just ask God to walk away and leave.  It really kicks the defense out of the system and a lot of people get angry.

I pray though that God would plant His flag at the side of the road that He has charted for them.  A flag that would suggest they start here and that they would muster the courage to walk with Him.  Definitely, Lord, answer their prayers quickly so that they can sense your love and their salvation.

My last prayer is that faith would arise, they would ask God for help along the journey knowing that human help is not what it looks like and that we will do our best to begin to grow in our relationship with Him – spending time with Him – trusting Him to work out the kinks that are in our way.


Show me the Road that I must walk…



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